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To whom it may concern;
Hawaiian Construction has performed many jobs on this property for several years. Repaired leaking ceilings, sealing & painting & recently a major rehab on a vacated apt. The workmanship is high standard as well as the quality. The end result is always more than was expected. The property has always been very happy with the work performed. Communication is the key between any manager & contractor before, during & after the project. Robert & Julie Black have always kept management in the know of the projects being worked on. No surprises. Hawaiian construction & any of their employees are punctual, & if something unforeseen holds them up they call & let you know that the timeline has changed & why. Cost is always the main factor in hiring a contractor a Robert is able to keep costs where they need to be for an affordable property. Ridgeview Terrace would definitely use Robert & Julie Black again for any of the above mentioned projects. Any & all concerns are always addressed to management when requested.

Connie Lewis
Community Manager
Ridgeview Terrace Apts

5.0 | 11-26-2017

Review by Megan M.
Project: Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration
Robert and his crew did an amazing job on my elderly father's bathroom. The so called contractor who installed his shower 5 years ago, did not do it properly. There was a slow leak that spread to my father's downstairs and caused significant water damage. A second contractor/plumber was hired to try and fix the problem and ended up making it worse. Robert came in and assessed the situation and knew right away what the problem was. My father is elderly and can be very difficult to work for. Robert was patient, reliable, and very responsive. We trusted him and all his workers to be in the house when we were not home. Both him and his wife Julie made sure they updated us on all the details so there were no surprises. They were very professional and VERY clean. They taped off the entire area that was being worked on. My father is a hard customer to please but when they were finished he told me that he was very impressed with the final product. I can't say enough about Hawaiian Construction. You will not be disappointed. I definitely would recommend them!!!!!!!!!!

5.0 | 10-02-2017

Review by Nicole A.
Project: General Contracting
Excellent professionalism! From start to finish, Robert walked us through the claim process to repair our bathroom after an extensive water leak. His knowledge of the claim process was essential after our insurance initially paid out on the low end and he went to battle for us to make sure our insurance approved what he and I both felt would repair my bathroom to an equal state and not less. Great work quality and responsiveness from him, Julie and crew. Thanks Hawaiian Construction!

5.0 | 05-10-2017

Review by Mark W.
Project: (Offsite Review)
Robert, owner of Hawaiian Construction, is amazing. Our townhouse had (what turned out to be) a long-standing roof leak which we only found out about because of a water spot on our LR wall/ceiling. Our association had folks out to tear out part of our wall and ceiling and fix the roof. Then they had 2 bidders come out for the recon work. Robert was the 3rd bidder - and the first to mention that there was obvious water damage at the base of the wall and probably mold behind it. For the next 2-3 months we fought with our association to get mold testing done, with Robert on our side telling us what the association should be doing. Finally, the association relented, did the mold test...and we found mold up and down the wall. Without Robert's constant insistence and help, our association would have just sealed up the wall with the mold in it. As to the recon work, Robert insisted that painting just the ceiling and the 2 walls affected by the mold mitigation would not be enough. None of the inside walls had been painted in 13 years and he said (and many others have since agreed) that the other walls would not match the newly painted ones, even if using computerized paint matching. His quote called for all the walls in the "line of sight" to be painted, which ended up being about 2/3 of the house. His bid ended up being lower than the one the association got from a different contractor to just paint the ceiling and 2 walls!!! Robert and his team did a tremendous job on the recon work itself. They finished earlier than expected, did some extra work we asked for at a very good price, and did a better job than we could have hoped. Robert is simply a quality person. Every step of the way he only wanted us to get quality work done, regardless of who ultimately did the work. Probably 10 or 12 times during the bidding process he said "Write this down - make sure that whoever does the work does it thus and so way, otherwise you're going to have issues later on." His focus was always on doing things the right way. He's incredibly honest and candid - he'll tell you what needs to be done, but always in a way that lets you know he cares about you and getting the job done right. Robert and his wife Julie have been an absolute dream to work with. Any future work we need done, he'll be the first one we call. And I would recommend him and his company to any and everyone.

5.0 | 04-14-2017

Review by Nick S.
Project: Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration
Robert and Julie Black provided us with excellent service and very helpful information after our sink flooded our entire kitchen in January 2017. They were very kind, and walked us through every step of the process. Robert even came out when our insurance adjuster was on site and walked through the damage with them. He negotiated that our cabinets were a higher tier to ensure that we got the value that we were owed for the kitchen. The insurance adjuster already knew Robert and had worked with him in the past, and approved the check without making any adjustments to it. We had a check in hand with in three days of him submitting the estimate. He referred us to Cascade Cleanup and Restoration (WHICH IS DIFFERENT THAN CASCADE RESTORATION SERVICES WHO IS NOT GOOD) who totally took care of our water mitigation, removing all of the damaged materials and getting everything completely dry. We are so thankful that Robert guided us through this process and took care of our needs.

5.0 | 04-03-2017

Review by Chad L.
Project: Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration
During a full week of heavy rainfall, we had a flood happen in our newly finished basement of our 1942 home which had been recently remodeled with an additional story. Needless to say, I was extremely stressed as our carpets were soaked and I had no idea how the water had come into our basement. That same night I contacted Robert via email (found his services on Thumbtack) and he immediately responded and personally came to our house the next morning to view the damages. He had a restoration company come out that same day to pull out the carpet pads and dry out our basement. A few days later, after the basement was dried out, Robert personally came back out to investigate the cause of the water intrusion. With the added story to our house our fear was that the additional weight had cracked the foundation. But after pulling out the drywall he noticed the insulation around our old, unused chimney was soaked. There were also old water stains coming out of our old furnace flue which was connected to the old chimney. Robert proceeded to go outside and do numerous tests around the foundation as well as climbing to the top of our chimney to find that it was improperly capped. When he tested the top of the chimney by spraying water up towards it from the ground, as if it were raining, we witnessed water coming into the basement where the old water stains were apparent. Robert resealed the cap and wrote out a detailed report on what needs to be fixed to ensure a leak from the chimney would never happen again. Robert also directly called our insurance to explain what he found which helped our case in getting insurance to cover the costs. By Robert accurately detecting the cause of the flood insurance covered the costs of this project. Robert was very responsive and trustworthy. I could quickly tell that he was on our side and was compassionate towards our problem. His subcontractors were very nice and they got the job done right and efficiently. I highly recommend Robert for any home emergencies. He is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, compassionate and an all around good guy.

5.0 | 09-30-2016

Review by Hongying L.
Project: Construction Services
I feel so grateful of finding Robert on Thumbtack. He is indeed our lifesaver. Our rental house was badly damaged in a fire. Luckily nobody got hurt. Insurance adjuster gave an estimate, which was very low. We found Robert through Thumbtack and hired him as independent contractor to give a comparable estimate. It is a pleasure to do business with Robert. He has great people skill, gives clear and complete information, always available over the phone, and provides timely update. He is also very experienced in handling such claims and good at working with insurance adjuster to negotiate for better and more reasonable price. By far the insurance adjust increased the total value of his estimate almost 50%. We could not be happier. Thank you Robert! For us, you are like a super hero without cape!

5.0 | 03-26-2015

Review by Nicki T.
Project: Remodel a Kitchen
Thank you for taking care of our Apartment complex during our need for the ADA kitchen remodel. We appreciate your prompt and thorough work. I mostly appreciated the commitment that Robert took in making sure we were compliant with UFAS (Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards). Robert touched base with USDA to be sure he was understanding the expectations before proceeding. I appreciated the fact that he wasn't afraid to say he wasn't understanding the requirements stated on UFAS, as they were a bit" cloudy" for what our specific needs were. Robert took the initiative to find out specifics so we were in 100% compliance with USDA. Working with genuine, honest, prompt, reliable and hardworking people is what I look for in a vendor. As a manager, I will definitely look forward to working with you in the future.

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